micah rich

Creative Technologist turned Experiential Marketing Strategist.

My background in entrepreneurship, coding, and design for more than 15 years gives me a unique perspective in creating innovative user experiences digitally, and now I'm applying that expertise & perspective to crafting unique, memorable and immersive experiences in real life — reimagining how consumers interact with brands in the real world.

I've worked with and been approached by brands like:


Let's show a few of the projects & ideas I've had:

Case Study


Consulted & pitched multiple innovative ideas for in-person, AR/VR, and digital experiences, one of which was adapted and successfully implemented in their experiential offerings for the Manhattan museum.

Spyscape was ending their latest in-person exhibit, and needed fresh inspiration for what to put in its place. I was brought in to consult and pitch multiple innovative ideas for in-person, AR/VR, and digital experiences.

There were a few ideas we explored, and a few problems we had to consider.

VR was at the forefont — a modern tech and they wanted to keep up to date. But after my research, concluded that the standard commerical, pre-built VR libraries give little room for SPYSCAPE to differentiate — it's the same experience as any other VR cafe.

That, and VR itself is an experience that takes getting used to. Most games are designed for individuals, with first- player in mind. Multiplayer is often an extra mode for after you’ve mastered the game.

Group-friendly, beginner-VR-friendly experiences are hard to find.

With that, I pitched a specially curated VR experience, rather than a pre-packaged library/arcade, with specific (and maybe) custom games, with strategic partners.

But having experienced both VR and other real-world experiences (escape rooms, experiential marketing, pop-up museums) I firmly believe that, while the experience of VR is novel and fun, experiences in the real world have a stronger, more emotional impact.

With that, there were a handful of ideas I pitched, including a spy-themed escape room, spy training (think: laser mazes, obstacle courses, and other physical challenges, which was eventually adapted into their most recent launch), and spy-themed AR experiences (think: Pokemon Go, but with spies).

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Case Study

inner light aura

Consulted on business development & orchestrated successful brand activations for Inner Light Aura at both small & major events, significantly boosting brand recognition and audience reach.

Aura photography is a unique and interactive experience that provides a visual representation of the energy surrounding a person, in color.

Inner Light Aura is a mobile aura photography service that provides a unique and interactive experience for events, parties, and corporate gatherings — offering a fun and memorable experience for guests, while providing a unique marketing opportunity for brands to collaborate & partner up.

Notable Brand Activations:

  • Sundance Film Festival, activations for both Chase Bank & Stanley 1913
  • Glamour Magazine, Women of the Year Awards
  • Stanley 1913 Day to Night Pop-up, New York City
  • Adweek x Google AI Pop-up Event
Division IXDivision IXDivision IX
Case Study

Division IX

Leading development & strategy of story-based immersive theatre experience, with strong focus on branding & marketing. Project includes an immersive digital, in-person, and story-based travel experiences.

Division IX is an experiment in the luxury vacation market — a unique blend of immersive theatre, escape room, and travel experience.

I was responsible for the development and strategy of the project, including branding, marketing, and the development of the story-based experience.

The project is currently in development, with a planned launch in 2024 — but to market it, we created a series of unique story lines, tools, and teasers.

First, I created a unique and detailed intake form that would allow us to select the perfect players for the experience — and to craft stories that initimately relate to their unique personalities. This form was designed to be a but of a psychological test, with a shareable result, and would lead players to the next step in the story.

Then, I created an online experience, a digital escape room puzzle set in Amsterdam, where players had to put on their hacker hats and solve a series of puzzles to uncover the story of Division IX.

Finally, with the help of both writers & modern AI, created a series of travel experience storylines, where players would travel to different locations around the world, and experience a unique, realistic, puzzle-based story in person — where they were the main character.

Nomad UpstairsTheory11Theory11Theory11Theory11
Case Study


Contributed to Theory11's digital & marketing strategy and developed an online platform which supported and amplified their vision for creating immersive & bringing engaging, magic experiences to brand activations.

This was one of my first forays into experiential marketing and I was able to work with a team of talented magicians, designers, and developers to create a platform that was both visually stunning and technically sound.

A lot of the work was consulting on the digital strategy and how to best leverage the platform to create a seamless experience for the user.

But by working directly with the CEO and the team, I was able to help guide the project from concept to completion — and get a taste for the magic of experiential marketing, brand activations, and pop-ups.

A Cinematic 70mm Front Facing Close Up Product ShotA Cinematic 70mm Low To The Ground Shot Of A Young HA Cinematic Establishing Shot Of An Elegant Willy WoA Color Graded Cinematic Wide Angle Shot Of A WillyA Low Light Cinematic 70mm Macro Shot Of Willy WonkaEstablishing Shot Of Group Flash Dance Mob A Group O
Spec Case Study

Wonka Pop-up

After seeing the newly released Wonka movie, I was inspired, and imagined how an experiential marking campaign might create a pop-up experience that would bring the world of Wonka to life, surprising and delighting fans of all ages.

There's a scene in the movie where Wonka and his motley crew are in the middle of the town square, trying to sell their new chocolates to the public, without getting caught by the police. They're resorting to guerilla marketing tactics, and it's a fun and memorable scene; a perfect opportunity for a pop-up experience.

I imagined a pop-up experience that would bring that scene to life, with a small town square, a Wonka truck, and a cast of characters interacting with the crowd — selling Wonka chocolates and creating a sense of wonder and delight, sponsored of course by Ferrara Candy Company & their Wonka brand.

Of course — not only would there be a cart selling unique & colorful Wonka chocolates, but the scene inspires a musical number in the movie — which, people on social media were surprised was even a musical. By organizing a flash dance mob with local theatre company actors/singers, it would not only raise some awareness about the new movie, but also create a fun and memorable experience for the people who happen to be in the area.

And, obviously — selling in real life offers a chance to win a golden ticket to the premiere of the new movie.